De Flaviis artista decoratore

Mauro De Flaviis

I am an Italian decorative artist based in Milan, specialist in classic murals, ceiling painting and trompe-l'oeil.

My mural paintings can be seen in high-end homes and historical buildings, either in commercial and private sector.
My goal is to bring the excellence of ancient craftmanship into contemporary lifestyle.

Professional mural paintings.

Each work is done exclusively by hand and the attention to details has always been a strong point of my work.
I use water-based painting techniques and natural pigments in all of my painted decoration artworks.
Each project is unique and customized to the clients specification with experience and creativity.

When it is impossible to realize the paintings on site, I can supply your design on a specific canvas that can be rolled up and may be sent anywhere.
You can have a look at my portfolio to understand the value of my work.

trompe l'oeil Studio Pigmenta Milano
During a Trompe-l'oeil Festival exhibition in Italy.

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